DealerPRO - Showroom

Control floor traffic and manage phone enquiries

At DealerPRO we know what's important to a sales department, things like monitoring floor traffic and ensuring prospects are followed up, selling more vehicles and retaining higher margins, up selling add-on's such as aftermarket and accessories to pump up grosses.  Showroom also creates an environment that allows the dealership to collect prospect information and start building a database of opportunities that can generate sales now and in the future. 

Ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks 

DealerPRO gives your sales manager the tools to create a disciplined approach to floor traffic and phone enquiries. It provides a facility to ensure all prospects are logged, the desired level of information captured and every opportunity is followed up, so no sales slip through the cracks.  

Specify minimum margin levels, manage discounts and control grosses


A key aspect of DealerPRO Showroom is its vehicle configurator. You can specify minimum margin levels, manage discounts and control grosses. Staff can price vehicles, add options, accessories, aftermarket and on road costs. All price parameters are set by the dealership and controlled by user privilege levels, which enable the dealership to easily maintain strict control over price security.

Establish a paperless showroom with DealerPRO

The ability to import an electronic vehicle or whole good price file for specific franchise manufacturers eliminates the clumsy paper trail and ensures accurate, current, professional quotations, contracts, invoices, and vehicle get ready forms (PD requisitions) - are presented every time.


         All prospect information recorded before pricing can be provided.

         Create vehicle proposals, quotes, contracts and invoices.

         Sales Manager Review facility shows deals in progress

         Gain control with real time floor traffic management

         Sales Diary automates the follow-up process

         Easily up-sell with user friendly accessory and aftermarket "shopping list"

         Control minimum margin levels.

         Control over-allowance on trade-ins

          Detailed profit analysis enables management to be informed