DealerPRO is a fully integrated real time Dealer Management System (DMS) that offers enormous functionality at the right price. It is easy to use, intuitive and caters to all levels of competency. DealerPRO allows easy navigation, total flexibility and access to different sections of the dealership from one screen no clumsy drilling in and out of screens.

DealerPRO has been designed to simplify navigation minimise training and promote maximum system utilisation. DealerPRO allows easy multi screen viewing, full windows sorting and grouping. Security and administration of the DealerPRO is made simple with "user group" privilege technology which allows you to control what staff see and access.


Designed by Dealers for Dealers

DealerPRO is designed by dealers in the Automotive, Truck and Agricultural industries which enables our software to be the closest possible fit to your business. Based on the core departments of a dealership, DealerPRO will help you bring much needed efficiency to your dealership operations, department by department, person by person as well as saving time and money by improving business process.

Fine tune your business

DealerPRO will make a difference to your business from day one. DealerPRO's design and easy navigation reduces keystrokes by up to 60%. It offers a built in email and fax facility, powerful financial reporting and fully integrated real time design. With tools to help you reduce your operating costs and increase your bottom line, our software will help you focus on fine tuning your business


Getting better"product utilisation"

Because DealerPRO is so easy to use, it delivers better "product utilisation" than any other dealer management system. This ensures you get to take full advantage of the system and gain the maximum results for your dealership. These functions add efficiency, ease use and save money. In addition, DealerPRO's customer relationship management (CRM) enables you to manage the sales cycle in a manner that generates pure profit.