Executive DealerPRO

Extremely powerful point and click management reporting views that are designed to industry specification using potent Business Intelligence (BI) software. BI is a high level graphical representation of the underlying data that has "drill down capability" delivering state of the art reporting information. Executive DealerPRO is designed for high level management to drive business decision making while onsite or remotely traveling the world.


Get information when you want it Not when staff present it.


This dynamic management tool provides real time user friendly graphical data and contains extensive drill down facilities which enable you to easily navigate to the source document. The Executive Scheduler will enable users to email, print or export, and a built in Distribution Exceptions Facility lets you pre-define an event to trigger an exception report.

Executive DealerPRO negates the need for your accountant to manually manipulate data to spreadsheets to get the information you need and the data is available to you without having to ask anyone.


Less time to produce, more time to analyse.

Benchmarking Analysis - Utilising the customised benchmarks that the dealership identifies as key to the management process, Executive DealerPRO highlights the dealership's actual performance against budget in each area.  There will be no need to refer to multiple management reports as this information is available at your fingertips on request.

Financial drill down Capabilities- Executive DealerPRO provides true Consolidated Financial Reporting, P&L, Balance Sheet and P&L trend reporting enable you to analyse your business all at the click of a mouse. At any point in the benchmarking analysis process a full drill down facility enables direct access to the actual DealerPRO data that feeds the analysis.

         Powerful graphical analysis

         Drill down to source document

         Benchmarking analysis including KPI's

         Executive Distribution Scheduler

         Detailed profit and loss analysis

         Executive alerts

         Prime Market Area (PMA) analysis