Installing DealerPRO

Our installation team commences the process by designing the DMS around the architecture of your business to provide an exact synergy. This collaborative process includes one on one consultation with key members of your business; the outcome of this design process is then modelled into a test environment at DealerPRO.

A conversion of your company's data takes place and is then loaded to the newly created test environment and then installed on your DealerPRO IBM Server. A rigorous quality assurance (QA) process now takes place and once the QA has been completed the system can be installed at your business in readiness for "Pre Live Start" training.

Our team has years of experience installing dealership software and this has lead us to appreciate that basic training is important but to ensure an effective installation, on-site consulting is critical.  We provide a professional installation consultant on-site for guidance and instruction in the customisation of the DealerPRO system to suit your business needs during the installation process.


During this time, we will guide you on system specifications and provide procedural training to your hands-on operators in their daily job functions.  Our team of highly effective consultants has experience installing all sizes of dealerships and franchises, which ensure you have a wealth of knowledge to draw on

The 6 step Process to a Smooth Installation:


         Pre-installation meeting

         Customise and Configure

         Training your staff with Dealership data

         Live Start & Onsite Assistance

         Week two Review

         Week six Review