Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

"Turn raw data into Profitable Information by utilising the following DealerPRO tools"

PROSPECTS   Designed specifically to capture and control all prospect information and enable users to more effectively manage and monitor prospects to ensure that none 'slip through the cracks', hence increasing closing ratios, improving relationship development with the potential client and making staff more accountable.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS  Your customers are your most important assets and the better you know your customers, the better you will be at understanding their needs. This ensures greater success at differentiating yourself from competitors that offer similar product or services and ensures they return for their next purchase.

REPEAT SALES We understand getting the initial sale is great but getting the next sale from the same customer is even more rewarding as it requires less investment to maintain than to find new customers



ANALYSIS  DealerPRO provides you with tools to drive the sales cycle from the ground up using our powerful data mining and interrogation facilities. Have information at your fingertips that enables you to proactively seek out new opportunities, implement strategic planning and take effective control of your business direction.

MARKETING  - DealerPRO has been specifically designed for the purpose of maintaining and building strong relationships with customers. It allows specific targeting with personalised marketing communications, personal follow ups and the ability for staff to be fully informed about the current status and profile of customers with the click of a button.

         Profiling - Allows you to categorize all prospects or clients and access key information which allows you to intimately understand where and who your customers are. Select and view them by Post Code/state, sales territory, sales person, business class, size, type, owner, equipment

         Schedules - Maintain close personal customer relationships with a predefined sequence of automated contacts such as, marketing letters, reminders and follow-up calls.

         Mailshots - A strategic drill down marketing tool that enables on the fly access to clients for the purpose of conducting marketing campaigns using methods such as fax, e-mail, letter, label, or merge file. Campaigns can be based on criteria such as, customer suburb, post code, date of birth, type of equipment owned, warranty expiry, purchase history, lease expiry and client profile.

Powerful aspects of DealerPRO's CRM system are tools for profiling customers, marketing schedules and Mailshots.