Mission Statement

"To develop high performance business software that generates leading edge efficiencies for automotive, truck and agricultural dealers"

"Develop business relationships with our clients based on partnership values rather than arms length transactions"

Corporate overview
DealerPRO is a business unit of Pentana Solutions are a leading global provider of innovative Dealer Management Software that process 70% of the Australian automotive industries volume. Our mission is to develop business partnerships with our clients and supply products that automate critical business processes. Our product range also includes B2B solutions and an array of data services that optimise and create efficiency within business. We employ over 360 staff in offices throughout Australia that are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Our internationally based offices are located in major global business centers including NZ, China, Philippines, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

DealerPRO (formerly Computer Fiscal Services - CFS) have been serving the automotive, truck and agricultural industries since 1969 and DealerPRO has acquired the status of an industry leader based on delivering a product that provides leading edge efficiencies. We attract extensive recognition and endorsement from major dealers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the industry and enjoy robust stability that is the envy of other suppliers.

Strong business partnerships that deliver

 When you install DealerPRO you align yourself with business partners that value add to your business every day by leveraging our industry knowledge to benefit your knowledge gained through supplying solutions to some of the best managed companies in the world. Working hand in hand with you, our team of industry professionals pinpoint areas of opportunity to capitalise on your business full potential.

Our staff

Our strong business partnerships are cemented by staff that knows what it's like to work in a dealership. They are highly trained and have a thorough understanding of industry specific business process. Our staff are industry accredited professionals. As part of our ongoing internal training program, our staff regularly attends on site orientation meetings to remain up to date with the latest industry advances.